Miracle Treat Day 2018

Fundraising has never tasted so good! 
Thursday, August 2nd visit Dairy Queen to support your local Children's hospital.  Dairy Queen will donate a minimum $1.00 to Children's Miracle Network for every Blizzard purchased! 

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Hurley Foundation 25th Anniversary - Elizabeth Williams Part 2

Hurley Foundation celebrates 25 years of helping keep our community healthy and informed. Cup of Kudos will be sharing a multi-video series to share with you the new faces. new ideas and new opportunities at this great organization. Part 2. To be continued...

Key when you need help, Ask - Prayer helped me drop 20

Key when you need help, ask!
And pray about it! I had no strength or will power but lost 20! No joke no gimmick. Here is my story about ballooning up and working on my return. #powerofprayer #askforhelp

Happy Friday the 13th! Is fear holding you back?

Happy Friday the 13th!  Is fear holding you back?

Usually the fear that holds us back from reaching our dreams are not fears in horror movies.  It is False Evidence Appearing Real, by a mantra replaying from our Ego "Must have more or Must control"  Work on your attachment to 
what people think about you, 
what you do for a living and 
what you own.  

Eventually you part this world without any of these things.  Live 
 life now without fear.

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Kudos Magazine Delivery Launch

Super excited! We launched our Cup of Kudos online store. 😀 Now you can subscribe for Kudos magazine delivery to your home or business.💌 Our next issue will be hitting mailboxes soon! 📭 Sign up now on our cup of kudos facebook page, click shop.

Happy 4th or July - better yet Happy birthday USA!

Happy 4th of July or better yet - Happy birthday USA!!
I am so grateful for:
-the birth of our nation
-our contituional rights
-all those served past and present!
God bless all those who love the USA! We saulte you!
Happy 4th of July!!