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Soul Setting

This just might be the hundredth article you’ve read about mindset. With social media there is no shortage of advice and quick fixes on how to hack your mind, motivate your workout or read ten books in a week. But what most of this advice overlooks, and what I feel is probably the most important,  is something I like to call Soulset.

I discovered Soulset after a particularly challenging time in my life. I had moved eight times in eight years, searching and craving for something more, but I didn’t have any idea of how to get it. I had colleagues telling me to “stop running and settle down,” and “you will never be happy” ran through my veins like nails on a chalkboard. But my soul knew that something grander existed. After starting a meditation practice, I began to engage my soul. I gave it space so I could hear it, knowing what I felt was true and valid. No longer only listening to the routine of the mind, I was being guided by my inner compass.

Questions began to surface as I consumed…

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